DutySmith was founded with the ideal that real innovation and unique product design was sorely missing from the Duty Gear being used by Law Enforcement Officers everyday. Our goal is to bring improvements and enhancements into the Law Enforcement industry to enhance the health, safety and well-being of officers around the world. Beginning with SpeedSet™ and continuing with StreetForce™, DutySmith manufactures and markets Duty Gear and Accessories that offer real solutions to Law Enforcement personnel. We welcome you to visit our brands below.

Stop suffering with back and leg pain from your Duty Belt!

SpeedSet™, by DutySmith, is a revolutionary duty belt system designed to alleviate the pinching, bruising, irritation and pain caused by traditional duty belts, without compromising strength or performance. The SpeedSet system uses a proprietary belt construction, and custom accessories that lock-on to the belt without the use of loops, to deliver a fit and comfort not found in any other belt system. To learn more about the many health benefits of SpeedSet, please click here.

Finally, duty gear designed to work and function the way you need!

StreetForce™, Rapid Deployment Gear by DutySmith, is the first duty gear on the market to actually enhance your deployment capabilities. StreetForce incorporates several proprietary features like spring-loaded flaps that pop up and stay open to get out of your way, raised Sure-Grip finger tabs for faster indexing, and extra deep side cutouts for a secure grip. Stop fumbling with the flap on your outdated duty gear - click here.